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2 in 1 Oil Dispenser

2 in 1 Oil Dispenser

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Looove it

I like that it can be used as a spray or can be poured from the bottle. Spray comes out as a tight mist and works well with my air fryer. I also like the fact that I do not need to pump the bottle before using the spray unlike the sprayer I had purchased previously. I am putting another to keep in my camper. Love that I do not have to purchase additional cans of spray oil to use when cooking.

Dio Y.

I purchased one of these for me and my daughter. It is glass, which makes it easier to clean from oil than plastic. I REALLY like it a lot. Use every day. Both the spray and the pour, depending on how I need. You could also use with syrup, but I don't think syrup would spray. I recommend this item. I am going to buy another one for my other daughter ... I wanted her to see the one I have before getting her one because I never really know what she would like. She was really happy with the one I bought. She used it at my house and loved it.

Olivia G.

I try to avoid plastic outside of food storage, this was something I was loathe to buy but my beautiful metal one I had for about 2 months never worked right and broke when my husband tried to open it to refill on the 6th time. So I caved and bought this. No joke, this is better than sliced bread! It can spray AND POUR!!!!! Call me crazy but that alone makes it unbeatable, add in that it stays really nice on the sprayer and the pour spout is designed to reduce the dripping of oil so the inside stays really nice longer as well. It's just a yes!

Darla T.

Super quality and looks amazing

Brook I.

Best money I ever spent!